Today, I continued chasing easy apache2 bugs. The following bugs seem to be easy to fix (and should be fixed in my opinion prior to Etch).
  • #396782: apache2.2-common: Upgrade adds "default" virtual host; breaks existing config: the problem is that apache2.2-common is new in any case, as we had apache2-common in sarge. One possible fix would be to detect if any site is active in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled (e.g. via find) and add the default site only if none is there at all.
  • #396265: apache2: mod_proxy_ajp connection reuse bug: This problem is perhaps not specially easy, but - there is a patch upstream, and it seems to have some security impact as well.
  • #395936: Apache2 SSL service stopped working since upgrade to 2.2.3-2: -D SSL went amiss when apache2 and apache2-ssl were merged - in case we can't fix that with reasonable effort, it should be documented in the etch release notes
  • #391813: apache2.2-common: man page for apache2 missing in apache2.2-common: obvious fix
  • #338472: apache2: Move /server-info and /server-status conf to mods-available: obvious fix, but that's a policy decision

Some more bugs were obviously outdated, so I closed them. I also started collecting information for the release notes about apache2.