Today started with finishing the list of open issues for Etch, and trying to add time expectations to the list. This sounds like an easy task at first glance, but actually it involves asking many people, and getting time expectations updated etc. As result of that list, and some further discussions, I started drafting the next release update mail.

One also is hinted to many issue which escaped attention so far, so it involved also a round of bug severity changing.

Also, I finished working on "how does apt behave with more than one signature" for now: There is which has an additional signature on the sarge Release-file (thanks to Netcologne for hosting) - please feel free to just use it for any sarge system, and report errors back. I'll revisit the experiences in two weeks time.

The rest of day involved smaller issues, e.g. fixing the sort-by-bugnumber-mode on (which I broke with yesterdays changes for "related" bugs), and a couple of other things. I also started to update the etch-release-page, but that needs to be continued tomorrow it seems. After I saw some more people not too happy with apache2.2 configuration changes (or rather, some modules are no longer there automatically), I decided to dedicate this Thursday to Apache.