There are many question what needs to be resolved to allow the new python-defaults into etch.

There are some packages that would become uninstallable by that now, and the task is to just check them and fix them: ethereal-dev, gaby, gforge-plugin-scmsvn, gnome-tasksel, gnuradio-examples, gr-audio-alsa, gr-audio-jack, gr-audio-oss, gr-usrp, gr-wxgui, guml, hplip, ifrit, ldaptor-utils, ldaptor-webui, lfm, libghc6-missingpy-dev, mboxcheck-applet, med-bio, memaid-pyqt, mock, musiclibrarian, ocfs2console, omniidl4, omniidl4-python, plywood, positron, pydict, pyftpd, pykdeextensions, pymol, pyntor, pypanel, pyrad, pyslide, python-dispatch, python-gdal, python-gdchart, python-gdchart2, python-gdk-imlib-1.2, python-glade-1.2, python-gnome-1.2, python-gnuradio, python-gtk-1.2, python-ldaptor, python-mapscript, python-metakit, python-moinmoin, python-notify, python-numeric-tutorial, python-phidgets, python-protocols, python-sip-qt3, python-turbojson, python-usrp, python-zeroc-ice, pythoncad, pytone, releaseforge, rubrica, scalemail, scanerrlog, scigraphica, snappea, snappea-dev, spikeproxy, sql-editor, viewcvs, viewcvs-query, wireshark-dev, xen-ioemu-3.0, xen-utils-3.0, xkeysw-config, yum, zeroc-ice

For example, gforge-plugin-scmsvn depends on viewcvs which needs to be converted to the new policy. Everyone can take his share - just choose any package, look why it becomes uninstallable (perhaps via a dependency becoming uninstallable) and fix it. Oh, and please set the urgency to high and make sure prior to upload that the package still works.

(This is only the list on i386, but experience has shown that once it's resolved for the first architecture, it isn't too hard to resolve it for the other architectures also.)

Update: Some packages are already in the progress, e.g. ethereal-dev depends on wireshark-dev which depends on omniidl4 which has been NMUed already. Well, like always: Check what the issue is before fixing it. And if binNMUs help, please just tell us.

2. Update: It would be really helpful if someone could take care of viewcvs.

3. Update: The most important open issues are: viewcvs, mapserver, moin (whereas viewcvs has a good version in experimental, maintainer is contacted). Also, these programs might need some love to get converted to the new standard or have otherwise real NMUs: blogtk boa-constructor codeville drpython fnorb freeloader forg fvwm-crystal gco gdebi gdeskcal gnome-btdownload python-visual gaby guml ldaptor scalemail lfm missingpy mboxcheck-applet yum mock musiclibrarian ocfs2-tools plywood positron pyftpd pyntor pyrad pyslide python-gdchart pygdchart2 libmetakit2.4.9.3 moin pythoncad pytone rubrica scanerrlog snappea spkproxy